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    Employee Group Health Plans

    Bamerk Insurance Agency has been helping employers all over the US get quality healthcare for their employees.

    The best healthcare coverage from top insurance providers

    We provide your employees with access to the top insurance providers including:

      • Aetna
      • Blue Shield of California
      • Anthem
      • CCHP
      • Crescent GAP
      • United Healthcare
      • Kaiser
      • Western Health Advantage
      • Health Net
      • Delta Dental

    Get your employees the health insurance they need

    Your employees can choose from a wide range of plans including:

    With a health maintenance organization (HMO) health plan, employees pick a primary care physician. All their health care services go through a single office. Going through a single primary care provider results in lower health care costs.

    A Preferred Provider Organization (PPO) health plans give your employees access to a network of participating health care providers – doctors, specialists, hospitals, etc. – that have come together to provide medical services for discounted fees.

    A Point of Service (POS) plan combines features of both HMO and PPO plans. Employees can select a network physician as their primary care provider or they can go outside the network for their health care needs. Benefit levels vary, depending on whether employees receive health care in or out of the insurance company’s network of providers. Employees save money if they choose a physician from within the network; going outside the network could result in higher out of pocket expenses.

    A Health Savings Account (H S A) is a savings account that employees can use to pay for a wide range of medical expenses. Like an IRA, money contributed to the H S A earns interest and (up to a certain limit) is not subject to federal income taxes. Account balances are rolled over from year to year.

    Affordable employee health care

    Bamerk Insurance Group shows you how easy it is to get health insurance for your company and employees. We’re a nationally rated insurance company, with a reputation for superior customer service and providing cost effective healthcare plans to employees all over the US.

    We’re here to provide support and answer any questions you and your employees may have. We make getting coverage easy.

    Being an independent insurance company allows us to shop around and get your employees the best deals available in the healthcare marketplace.

    Contact Bamerk Insurance Group today and let us show you the many options available when it comes to getting quality healthcare benefits for your employees.